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How to find partners to cooperate with in Saarland?

Due to the increasing interdependence of markets, together with the increasing competition, foreign sales and foreign procurement in distant markets are getting more and more vital for small and medium sized companies.

Decisive for the success in foreign markets are the right business and cooperation partners. The first contact point for companies in the region of Saarland when looking for suppliers, sales partners or other cooperation partners are of course, the Chambers of Commerce and Industry, the Enterprise Europe Network as well as the German Chambers of Commerce Abroad (AHK’s).

Economic co-operation databases/ institutions

This co-operating database has been made available by the German Chamber of Commerce and Industry. This tool makes it possible for interested companies to search for sub-contractors, distribution partners and other cooperating partners throughout Germany.

E Trade Center

This platform enables both German and foreign companies to publicize their products and services on the internet and, conversely, enquire products and services needed. Furthermore, it provides interested business people an opportunity to make their diverse requirements for cooperation known, such as searching for investors, technical know-how and the like.

Enterprise Europe Network

The Enterprise Europe Network is supported by the European Commission and it is dedicated to increase the co-operation between European enterprises. In order to get information or advice please contact the staff of the Enterprise Europe Network.

Mrs. Carine Messerschmitt
Zentrale für Produktivität und Technologie Saar e.V.
Telephone: +49 681 9520-452
Fax:  +49 6 81 584 6125
An overview of the various links in order to search for a business partner in Saarland can be found on the website of Saar-Lor-Lux.

Other relevant institutions

The „saarland.innovation&standort e.V. “ offers a wide range of services to support enterprises from Saarland in promoting their competitiveness and innovation as well as tapping new sales market. The ZPT is supported and financed in particular by the Ministry of Economics and Science and the Chamber of Industry and Commerce of Saarland. Under the ZPT's roof, you will find an Enterprise Europe Network, the Innovation Relay Centre for Research and Technology as well as a Patent Information Centre. The comprehensive services the ZPT provides for the Saarland Industry in terms of advice, training, transfer of technology and promotion of innovation, are mainly aimed at small and medium-sized enterprises to help them improve their competitiveness and develop new products and processes.

Invest in Saarland

“GwSaar” has points of contact all over the world, who can introduce you to the location Saarland without red tape. The network has not only been set up in the USA but also in Israel, Austria and on the eastern hemisphere in Korea, China, Singapore, and Japan. The work of “Network Plus” is supported by scientists abroad who are able to give a detailed description of Saarland’s research environment.

Ihr Anliegen ist unser Auftrag

Ihr Anliegen ist unser Auftrag

How to find partners to cooperate with in Saarland?