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Saarland – Data and economic facts

Structural change

Saarland – a constant developing region. It is sometimes still regarded as being heavily dependent on its world famous steel and coal industries. However this is far from today’s economic reality. Saarland has successfully changed its structure and has attracted the service and technology providing industries, which constitutes an important employing sector nowadays. Today the majority of workplaces are situated in the service sector “Dienstleistungsgewerbe”, while the number of employees engaged in producing industrial goods has declined since the eighties.

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Due to the heavy dependence to the coal and steel industries, it had been necessary to undertake a structural policy change in the region. As a result of that, Saarland’s economic policy has been focused in the 1960’s on the establishment of new industries. Nowadays the remains of the old heavy industry are a symbol for the success of the transition in Saarland, a phenomenon often referred to as the miracle of transformation at the Saar River “Ansiedlungswunder an der Saar” which reached its peak between 1968 and 1972. In the table above the structural change during the last thirty years can be seen.

In 1960, more than half of the working population in Saarland was working in the coal and steel industry (“Montanindustrie”).

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In 2000, the number of employees working in the textile and automotive industries has exceeded the total number of employees from the traditional industries. In the pie chart below you can see that the percentage of employees working in the so called “old industries” has shrunk to a mere fifth of the total working population.

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Top 10 Import and Export partner of Saarland in 2009

The following table illustrates the top 10 import partners of Saarland in 2009. An interesting figure of this illustration is the great increase of imports from the Russian Federation with 69% compared to 2008.
Place Imported from General Trade 2009 in EUR Change compared to Jan until Dec 2008 (in %)
1. France 1.944.610.975 - 18,4
2. Spain 1.244.536.635 13,8
3. United Kingdom 720.479.298 - 24,6
4. Italy 533.315.112 - 9,3
5. Belgium 501.802.019 - 16,0
6. Russian Federation 445.786.997 69,9
7. Czech Republic 371.149.826 - 20,1
8. Switzerland 366.641.226 30,1
9. Sweden 278.348.291 0,3
10. Netherlands 276.726.942 - 16,6
The following are the top 10 export destinations of Saarland in 2009. Due to the world wide economic crises in 2008 there has been a decline in all countries.
Place Exported to Special Trade 2009 in EUR Change compared to Jan until Dec 2008 (in %)
1. France 1.946.815.904 -23,4
2. Italy 1.314.862.387 -8,3
3. United Kingdom 1.266.423.339 -19,4
4. Spain 651.442.564 -22,6
5. Netherlands 560.862.722 -13,1
6. Austria 502.940.111 -12,5
7. Belgium 403.322.290 -21,6
8. China 393.110.483 -21,7
9. USA 391.070.234 -2,3
10. Polland 347.254.768 -20

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Saarland – Data and economic facts