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Internetpräsentation IHK Saarland - Partner der Wirtschaft

Kennzahl: 1572

The Saarland chamber of commerce and industry (IHK Saarland) welcomes you

The Saarland chamber of commerce and industry (IHK Saarland) welcomes you to its English speaking website. This website offers you information, contacts and links regarding the following topics:

IHK Saarland

The IHK Saarland is with its about 59.000 members active in the industry, trade and service sector, an averaged sized chamber compared to the other chambers in Germany. Similar as it is in France, the membership and parts of the performed duties by the IHK are defined by law. Included to its main responsibilities are the sovereign tasks assigned by the state to the chambers such as the issuing of certificates of origin and voluntary activities such as: apprenticeships and education, local policy lobbying, foreign trade and business competition. Aside from these activities, the IHK performs other voluntary services for the interest of their member companies. For instance, offering courses in how to start-up a business or other technical seminars in various fields. Another devoted service of the chamber is to provide necessary and accurate information to all related issues for the economical success of its member companies. Furthermore the IHK supports a pro-business lobby and represents the interests of its members against regional and local institutions.